Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall book release

I have been so busy with the new book projects that the blog has gone untouched for months. Sorry!
I am extremely psyched on the new product though. I received my advance copies of the new one "S is for Story, a Writer's Alphabet" last week. What a beautiful book this is. I am constantly impressed with the people at 'Sleeping Bear Press'. They are some of the most encouraging people that I've worked with in the industry. They just moved offices and I am hopeful to work with them long into the future.

"S is for Story" was one of the first books that I signed with them and the book was daunting with so many great alphabet books before it. When I read "S' for the first time I found myself wanting to pick up and read again some of the classics that Esther Hershenhorn references in the text. I learned a ton from the script and know in my heart that others will feel the same way.

One of the best parts of the project was the first conference call between the editor Amy Lennex, art director Melinda Millward, Esther, and myself. I believe that we met some common ground and shared our visions and philosophies of our audience and work. This was a valuable tool while working on the book. Thanks to all those that made the decisions all along the line for this one. We have a great product to share and teach with. I can't wait to add "S" to the presentations and show off the collaboration.

I have signings, book festivals, and speaking dinners coming up. School visits are coming in now that the kids are back and this year is looking very busy.

September 18th 2009 - Radio interview, Casper WY - KTWO with Brian Scott

September 19th 2009 - Book Signing, Wind City Books, Casper WY - 9 / 11 am

September 19th 2009 - Book Festival, Lions Park Amphitheatre, Cheyenne WY 2 pm
September 23rd 2009 - 20/20, Little America, Cheyenne WY 7:00 pm / 9:00 pm

October 1st 2009 - Book Signing, WY Library Conference, Laramie WY 10:30 / 11 am

October 17th 2009 - 2009 Booklovers' Bash, Library Foundation Dinner, Cheyenne WY

Upcoming Projects include:
- SPRING 2010 - I delivered artwork two weeks ago for Eve Bunting's new title "Finn McCool and the Great Fish". To work on an Eve Bunting book was an honor. I am very pleased with the work and can't wait to see the final product. Irish folk tale written by an Irish legend.
- COMING SOON - "The Magic in Me" written by Zach Hyman of Toronto Canada. Zach was fifteen years old when he wrote the script. This touching tale of a grandfather and grandsons love for each other and hockey is bound to melt the hearts of all ages. This is a classic tale that earns its place on any families book shelf, coffee table, or night stand.
- COMING SOON - "Diego Maradona the Hand of God and Me" written by Phil Bildner. This is a story of ethics in sports. Phil is a fantastic writer with a keen sense for bringing out the best in his characters.

- COMING SOON - "Lipman Pike" written by Rich Michelson. This is the story of America’s First Professional Baseball Player, First Home Run King, and First Jewish Manager (and he could outrun a racehorse too).
- COMING SOON - "Dee the Mammoth" written by Zachary Pullen and Eugene Gagliano. A discovery of a Mammoth east of Glenrock Wyoming has the 'Tate Museum' in Casper getting attention worldwide. This multi-media project will help teach the story of "Dee" from speculation of life and death to the discovery and beyond.

Thanks for letting me go on and on. I hope to do constant updates for this blog so I don't have to ramble.
Obviously I have work to do so please excuse me for now, I think I hear the easel calling.
Best -Z-

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