Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PHEWWW! Halloween is over.

You see my son is five which is half the number that his costume wants changed. He finally decided on the Black Spiderman, which is always a real safe bet while trick or treating at night. We made it through the holiday though without any injuries or cavities.

The Wednesday before Halloween, I received a phone call from the Wall Street Journal. They needed a cover for the Entertainment section on Friday. This all meant that this painting needed to be finished no later than 4pm the following day to print for Friday. I took the job and was quite pleased with the outcome. This is the process that it took on in under 24 hours.
They chose #4

today is the day...

Sidebar... I don't understand why illustrators seem to take huge shortcuts in technique for rush jobs. I've noticed lately that some have been changing what they are recognized for because of a tight deadline. Fast is fast, personally I enjoy the challenge.

For the kids in Douglas.. I promise my next post will have some of the natural bridge paintings I did. Thanks for checking this out. -Z-

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