Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coming Soon... 3 Views

Well we're in November now and I'm submerged into the next book project. The Magic in Me - Hockey Hero is well on it's way to completion. I should be ready to show some of the finished paintings very soon.
For this post however, I wanted to talk about an upcoming event. On November 20th, me and a few other extremely talented people are having a show here in Casper. The show will be one night only and the evening promises to be very enjoyable.

The two others involved are Aumi Kauffman Perry and Rod Knowlton. Both are stand out talents in their own right.
Aumi is a classically trained oil painter who's work is so well done it staggers me. I love the fact that I have one of her paintings in my home. Besides being a very talented artist, she is a great Mom and all around pleasure to be around. You have to see her work in person to understand the talent that she possesses.
Rod on the other hand has gotten some great attention locally and nationally. His photography is breathtaking and deserves it's place in many collections. Not only does he have a knack for capturing his subject at the right time, being a Master Printer, he has the ability to never let anything leave his studio without being the finest quality that I've ever encountered. His work of all sizes is sure to floor the audience.

Then there's me. I'm not going to have a ton of work at the show although what I will have will show my biting sense of humor and keep my child audience in mind.

If you have the opportunity, please come and see this body of work that we've titled "3 Views".

The night of the show, there will be a limited edition (25) print there with one of each of our works on it. Also there will be some amazing cards for holiday or anytime use. Books will also be available at that time to get signed and shipped before the holidays.

Thanks and I'll see you at the show.

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