Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Prize

Recently it was announced that President Obama had been awarded the 'Nobel Peace Prize'.

It seems very strange to be responsible for a book that educates its audience about the prizes and the man that made them possible. Although many names have won these prizes, they meant very little to me until I was involved in the project. If you haven't seen the book 'Alfred Nobel, the Man Behind the Peace Prize', please go find it, or request it at your local library.

I learned a ton of information through the research to illustrate the book, not to mention how informative the actual text for the book was. Kathy-Jo Wargin did a fantastic job with this title. I feel privileged to have illustrated it and now understand the meaning and life that was Alfred Nobel.
New Reviews are popping up from all around. This is a great one.

On another note, we are heading out this weekend to visit Cheyenne. I am going to be speaking at the Laramie County Library Foundation Dinner. This sounds like a great event and I am looking forward to seeing the people that care about the library and the development and integration of this resource to the county. I use libraries all over the place. As much as I love books and keep up my personal collection, the library gives me unlimited resources to research. Without this research element in my work, the books would lack the detail that makes them successful.

See you on Saturday night.

Here's another image from the upcoming title 'The Magic in Me, Hockey Hero'

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